Reduce Pain and Support the Body

Lower back and knee pain is a common complaint by those who work in manual professions such as builders, plumbers, fire fighters, policeman and soldiers. In such cases, it has been standard practice to recommend traditional orthotic products to support the foot’s arch, but the rigidity of such products does not allow the foot to act as a shock absorber. This creates the need for the other joints above the foot to take on the function of shock absorption, such as the knees and lower back.

More Energy At Work

ProKinetics can help improve the foot’s spring action and your overall posture and body balance. This can have a positive impact on your body’s mobility throughout the day and can continue when you get home from work. In two separate studies, one of Washington State fire fighters* and one of Safeway employees in the U.S.**, both groups reported that they had more energy at the end of a day’s work, and experienced less lower back and knee pain as a result of wearing ProKinetics in their work boots and shoes.

*Sourced from the Olympia Washington Fire Department, Autumn 2009 **Sourced from a Safeway/Posture Dynamics study, March 2011

Easy To Fit And Wear

ProKinetics stimulate the ball of the foot which helps to improve posture and balance with every step.

ProKinetics are easy to fit and you can start using them on the day of your consultation with an approved ProKinetics Provider – there is no waiting time. You can also enjoy the convenience of swapping them between your work boots and other shoes. 

Initially I noticed a difference in my foot function. Eventually I noticed a difference in my back and neck pain, I didn’t feel like I was straining as much.
— Steve Cooper, Fireman