better posture, better health

Improving posture early in life can help prevent many health issues like joint and muscle pain, and weak ligaments that can lead to injury. Improved posture also helps blood travel to all parts of the body more effectively and has benefits to the function of internal organs.

Growth and Development

Growing bones can cause stress on young people’s bodies which can be compounded by weak feet. Weak feet can cause excessive rolling-in of your child’s foot, which can have a negative impact on their overall pos- ture and body balance. During this time of growth, it is important for parents to ensure development occurs normally. ProKinetics are a simple way to give your children a helping hand as they grow.

School Shoes

Your children’s school shoes are the perfect place for ProKinetics. Because they are active at school, they will receive the maximum benefit from their feet being stimulated by the insoles. ProKinetics are easy to fit into school shoes and can be swapped with ease across their various pairs, including sports shoes.

ProKinetics are usually used in children aged 5-7 years and over. Below this age, a ProKinetics Provider may recommend specific treatment, foot strengthening and/or postural exercises. 

We fitted a teenager last year in a pair of 6mm Pro- Kinetics, who came in with knee pain and leg pain. One year later, and his correction had gone down to 3.5mm; he’s had no leg pain or knee pain. All his brothers and sisters have now been fitted too!
— Dr. Deanne Hutton, Osteopath, VIC