Frequently Asked Questions about ProKinetics proprioceptive insoles


How long do Prokinetics last?


ProKinetics are made from a durable, versatile material and therefore the average pair, for normal use, should last between 6 months to one year. At this point, we recommend a reassessment by your practitioner.

Can I claim them on private health insurance?


Usually yes depending on the provider type. A ProKinetics consultation can be covered under osteopathic consultation (as it is part of the physical examination and postural assessment). NB remote consults via Skype etc are available if there are no nearby providers but are not covered by health insurance.

How do I get fitted with Prokinetics?


ProKinetics must be fitted by a trained practitioner and can be provided to you on the same day of your consultation. The process is easy and non-invasive.

Click here for a list of trained practitioners in your area and get fitted with ProKinetics today.

If you’re unable to find a trained practitioner in your area, please contact us for assistance and we can organise a remote consult.

Will PK help me with my sports and training?


ProKinetics have already been adopted by many serious athletes, including cyclists, olympians and professional soccer teams.

Many athletes and sports-goers who use ProKinetics report improved performance and decreased incidence of injuries within a short period of time. This is because of the way the insoles support the foot to prevent hyperpronation and therefore excessive twisting through the joints of the lower limb.

ProKinetics can benefit those who play sport or are serious athletes, including:

  • Athletes such as runners and cyclists

  • Avid snowboarders and skiers (ProKinetics can be placed in boots)

  • Those who play sport that involves running, such as football, soccer, hockey, netball and basketball

ProKinetics can be fitted on the same day of your consultation with a trained practitioner as no casts are necessary. This allows ProKinetics to provide you with a cost-effective and convenient service.

Click here for a list of trained practitioners in your area and get fitted with ProKinetics today.

Is something so simple really that effective?


Yes. The inputs coming back into the brain from the joints and limbs are often very subtle. Just think of the motor control required to carry out complex tasks such as writing. If the pen is very thick to hold in the fingers, the writing would change based on the new positioning and writing would be more difficult.

The hands and feet both feedback a lot of information to the brain, and while we don’t write with our feet, they are almost as sensitive as the hands. Therefore small and subtle inputs can have dramatic effects on the signals coming back to the brain from the feet. ProKinetics Insoles improve these signals without disrupting function and help the brain control balance and posture by providing more refined information from the foot to the brain, much like writing with a nice pen instead of a clunky one.

How will I be able to tell if they're working?

For some people the changes are immediate and obvious and it can be the “missing link” in them getting better or having a breakthrough in treatment. While some people will notice only minor subtle changes.

For the majority of people the results are somewhere in the middle. Many people report a better sense of balance, posture and greater strength in the feet and legs. Long term chronic conditions can resolve due to the new positioning and feedback the brain receives from the foot while wearing the insoles.

We are so confident you will feel the benefits of wearing ProKinetics that we offer a 30 day money back guarantee on the product. However, due to the complex nature of the human body we only use registered providers to screen and fit you with ProKinetics. Often the maximum benefit will only be achieved in conjunction with treating some of the direct and surrounding issues. Find a Practitioner to help you today.