Cutting-Edge Technology

ProKinetics are the latest in body balancing and postural alignment insoles in Australia.

Based on cutting-edge kinetic technology, ProKinetics help to realign your body by taking pressure off the feet and improving your body’s function and performance.

ProKinetics are easy to fit and you can start using them on the day of your consultation with an approved healthcare professional – a ProKinetics Provider – and there is no waiting time. You can also swap them between your training shoes.

Reduce Injuries

Often, repetitive injury in runners and cyclists is caused by the foot rolling-in. This creates micro-trauma in the ligaments and joints, and over time creates foot and knee strain that can result in injury. Foot and knee injuries have flow-on effects to other parts of the body, such

as the hip, pelvis and back, but ProKinetics can help counteract this negative impact on your body.

Improve Performance

ProKinetics improve foot alignment to help you get more power out of your body. They reduce the strain in your joints and ligaments, which in turn reduce muscle stress. This results in improved body biomechanics and gives you greater confidence in your training and performance. 

My students and I are constantly amazed when they return to me with stronger feet and ankles, improved sports performance, better overall alignment and reduced pain.
— Elise Campbell, Yoga Teacher and Director of EC Health Solutions