Who is Prokinetics?

The History of Prokinetics Insoles

The story of Prokinetics is not as simple as the journey of one man or organisation...

The technology utilised by Prokinetics originated from the work of Prof Brian Rothbart, a podiatrist who built upon the work of those who studied the feet and posture such as Dr Dudley Morton (of Morton's Neuroma, Morton’s metarsalgia, etc, fame).

Professor Rothbart

Prof Rothbart examined the feet and their relationship to chronic pain and found one very interesting finding: that those with a big toe shorter than the second toe (short first metatarsal) were often chronic pain patients. Through trial and error he found that a small triplanar (triangle) wedge under the big toe was enough to stimulate change in the bio-mechanical deficit caused by this short first toe. Remarkably, this helped many of the patients he was treating overcome their problems. Dr Rothbart’s research went onto prove the relationship between excessive pronation (rolling in of the arch of the foot) and the effects on human posture and how it could prevent chronic pain. He published many articles related to his research to support his findings, but unfortunately he was not well received by his own profession. What Prof Rothbart developed was a very simple, inexpensive, but powerful method of dealing with excessive rolling in of the feet. 

Prof Rothbart sold his IP to Posture Dynamics, USA, which also trades today as ProKinetics. Prof Rothbart’s original insole has been further developed by Posture Dynamics.  

Prokinetics in Australia 

It wasn't until 2008 that Australian Osteopath George Stylian decided to bring Prokinetics to Australia. The reason for this was very simple, he was in pain. By late 2005 he couldn't walk without experiencing intense right knee and right foot pain. This became a problem as he could no longer walk with his wife, and talk through their life and issues like they were used to. George tried various insoles to help correct what he knew was essentially a biomechanical issue, but nothing really worked. He was suffering and so was his overall mental and physical health because he could not walk without pain. This also affected his relationship, because he could not go for long walks with his wife and talk things over. By chance he received a call from a colleague in Cyprus, Petros Kattou to say he'd found what George needed. Petros was also searching for an insole that worked. He had tried many, but eventually met Prof Rothbart who over a period of a week, personally taught him how to assess and fit the right signal ProKinetics. 

The first time George saw the insoles he was very sceptical! "What the heck will that do?"...

However, he was fitted by his colleague and persevered wearing the new insole and walking daily with them. After about a week, the knee and foot pain was gone. He was walking pain free again. And he has not had any pain since! 

He was so inspired he decided to bring the technology to Australia and formed Prokinetics Australia with Petros Kattou, who later left the company to pursue other exciting technologies. Prokinetics Australia has the rights to distribute the insoles in Australia and in some parts of Asia and is now actively trying to grow these markets  ... changing lives, one step at a time.

George's Story 

Much of George's journey in Prokinetics has been inspired by his love of learning and being a student, of osteopathy, health and healing but also of life and nature. Watch the story below to find out more about George and his work with Prokinetics: